Year-Round Tree Services, including Routine Tree Trimming

Caring for the trees around your residential or commercial property is easy with tree services from Davis Tree & Crane Service based in Thompsonville, Illinois. From tree trimming to crane services, we do it all to keep your foliage looking perfect and healthy. Landscaping services are also available.

Man Trimming - Tree Services

Caring for Your Trees

Your trees require routine tree trimming and other tree services to keep their growth in check. This also helps to protect your property and business or home. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, we have the equipment needed to deliver the routine service you seek for all types of trees, including:

• Ashes 
• Elms
• Evergreens
• Cypress
• Flowering Trees
• Japanese Maples
• Maples
• Oaks

Some of Our Tree Services:

• Corrective Pruning Services
• Excavations
• Hauling & Hoisting Services
• Insect & Disease Control Services
• Tree Trimming Services
• Shaping Services
• Storm & Wind Damage Repairs
• Tree Topping Services
• Tree & Root Surgery Services


Contact us to keep your foliage healthy and your property protected with our tree services.

Year-Round Storm Damage Available | Ask about Our Seasonal Services